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Denver, Colorado

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Fellow Organizer, Uplift


Lyrica Maldonado lives in Flagstaff, Arizona and is a Fellow Organizer at Uplift, a youth-oriented space that brings together young people from all over the Colorado Plateau to train, learn, and develop relationships in the face of climate change. As an organizer at Uplift, Lyrica supports the programming team in developing the theme, speakers, and content of the conference to include marginalized, frontline, and fenceline communities. Additionally she is  working to create the DNA of her movement at Uplift, including a structure and strategy to mobilize thousands of young people in grassroots action for climate justice - and to foster an accessible year-round training program for rising climate justice leaders across the Southwest.

Just graduated with her degrees in Political Science and International Affairs, she is passionate about showing up for her migrant and Indigenous family and community of Guatemala. She is proud to belong to the Maya Mam people of western Guatemala, and believes in the inter-connectivity of Indigenous sovereignty, migrant justice and climate justice. Her previous work has included migrant aid, Indigenous feminism and community coalition building. Stemming from her identity as a biracial Indigenous immigrant, Lyrica believes that she has the ability to be at the frontline of intersectionality and can use her positioning to create space for all identities. 

Lyrica Jensen
Lyrica Jensen

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