Our September Sponsors

Numi woman at pump

These incredible donors sponsored WEA and Numi Foundation’s Together for H2OPE Project, ensuring safe drinking water to the Fair Trade Tonganagaon tea community in Assam State, Northern India—Numi Organic Tea’s largest supplier of organic black tea. Through their dedicated support, 6,000 people in 12 villages will gain access to clean water through water, sanitation and hygiene training, infrastructure improvement, and community capacity building.

Adam + Michelle Weinberg Laura Belzer
Blossom Healing Center Leno + Paul Sislin
Brie Barold Leonard + Ursula Hess
Carol Sutherland Marcy Taylor Pattinson
Catherine Taylor Mary Diaz + Sean O’Leary
Charlotte Schulz Michael Mitrani + Frannie Roche
Douglas Chermak Nina Simons
Ellen Debenport Panta Rhea Foundation
Fred + Ina Pockrass Patricia Dinner
Gloria Loring Polly Hughes + Cecily Cahill
Jennifer Hyneman Sousae Ralph Diamond
Josh + Kathryn Vogelstein Rosaleen Bertolino
Katherine Kiehn Shelley Alger
Kit Thomas Wendy Wallbridge



Our October Sponsors


Our October champions sponsored the WISE Women’s Clean Cookstoves Project, a partnership between WEA and Women’s Initiative for Sustainable Environment (WISE). With their support, WEA and WISE will work with women leaders in Kaduna, Nigeria to ensure that have the access, skills and resources they need to use clean cookstoves, and build and scale their own clean cookstove businesses, allowing them to train their families and communities to adopt cookstoves.

Anodea Judith Jessica Mahoney
Ari Derfel Katherine Kiehn
Aurora Kramer Kevin Bethke
Barbara Loebel Kit Thomas
Betsy Strong Coover Leno + Paul Sislin
Caitlin Sislin Linda Morris
arol Sutherland Lisa Tostevin
Carolyn Jacobs Bernstein Lisa Wong Jackson
Catherine Taylor Lori Hess
Charlotte Schulz Maeanna Glenn
Cher Hale Marcy Taylor Pattinson
Chid Liberty Mark + Jennifer Kramer
Christine Cilburn Marta Abel
Cindy Jones Mary Crowley
Colleen Carpenter Michael Mitrani + Frannie Roche
Daniel Buick Mothering Arts
Daniel Gorelick Naomi Adiv
Devon Lake Nina Simons
Douglas Chermak Phil Valko
Elizabeth Burkhart Phyllis Cox
Ellen Debenport Polly Hughes + Cecily Cahill
Emily Diamond Punta Mona Center for Sustainable Living and Education
Fred + Ina Pockrass Rosaleen Bertolino
Gloria Loring Royce Bernstein Murray
Hanna Lynde Wittman Sandy Curtis
Hillary Critchley Shelley Nathans
Jacqueline Erwin + Cody Lonning Transcendentist
Jacqueline Jackson Yasaman Ayaat
Jennifer Hyneman Sousae Yu Kuwabara
Jenny Overman



Our November and December Sponsors


In the months of November and December, these dedicated sponsors supported the Seeds of Resilience Project. This partnership between WEA and Vanastree—a women-led seed saving collective in Karnataka, India—will ensure seed and food sovereignty and the transfer of traditional knowledge around these timelines and invaluable practices in Southern India. Through the support of our sponsors, the women participants in this training program will build and scale seed businesses, lead trainings to increase farm biodiversity and productivity, participate in demonstrations and exchanges, and build networks in their communities and beyond.

Abigail Dumes Julie Down
Alder New York Julie Hess
Alex Collins Karen Gibbens
Alissa Hauser Katherine Kiehn
Allison Torres Kiki Goshay
Alyssa Benjamin Kirana Miller
Amanda Coleman Kit Thomas
Andrew Behar Kristin Daley
Andrew Gold Laura Belzer
Ann Whittemore Laura Centorrino
Annette Green Laura Loescher
Anodea Judith Lauren Milan
Ben Finkel Leah Granger
Benita Kline Lesley Ash
Bertrand Living Trust Lisa Kellman
Beth Greer Liwen Mah + Yvette Leung
Brie Barold Liza Cannata
Brooke Dubose Lori Hess
Brooklyn Woodwork Marc Lewis
Caitlin Sislin Marcia Ishii-Eiteman
Carol Sutherland Marcia McLean
Catherine Bock Marcy Taylor Pattinson
Catherine Taylor Marin Community Foundation
Cathy Curtis Mark + Jennifer Kramer
Catriona MacGregor Maxine Lipeles
Charity Tooze Melissa Joy Manning Inc.
Charlotte Schulz Mernet Larsen
Chris Michael Michael Bock
Christina Lombardi Michael Mitrani + Frannie Roche
Colleen Carpenter Michelle Lapinski
Craig Severance Misha Seay
Craig Thompson Molly Singer
Curt Hill Mothering Arts
Daniel Silverstein Nia Kiesow
Daniela Jacobs Nicholas Heldfond + Simmone La Corte
David Krause Nick + Sloane Morgan
Deborah Koons Garcia Nina Rivkind
Devon Lake Nina Simons
Donald Drummond Pamela Reaves
Douglas Chermak Patricia Dinner
E. Kirsten Honeyman Paula Larink
EILEEN FISHER Polly Hughes + Cecily Cahill
Eilish Nagle Rachel Klos
Ellen Debenport Rae Siporin
Emily Murphy Raphael Friedmann
Erin Posey Rebecca Lambert
Fred + Ina Pockrass Rosaleen Bertolino
Gail Wright Sandy Curtis
Gary Mudgett Sanjay Ranchod
George Trevor Sarah Moe
Gloria Loring Sarah Rae Garrett
Gordon Starr Shanan Carney
Harold Dumes Shelley Nathans
Heidi Shonkoff SilverHawk Russi
Isabel Wade Steven Munno
Jay Golden Susan Bradley
Jennifer Grubb The Brave Collection
Jennifer Hyneman Sousae The Erwin Family Foundation
Jenny Overman The Rev. Victor Kazanjian Jr.
Joanna Macy The Rt. Rev. + Mrs. William Swing
Jodi Lasseter Tim McCracken
Joel Makower Tyler McBride
Jonah Cooperman Verizon Foundation
Jonathan Rubenstein + Karin Swann Wendy Thompson
Julianne Maurseth Wendy Wallbridge
Julie Brooks

At the beginning of last year I set an intention to align myself with more women who embody leadership through and not in spite of their femininity. There is nothing more resilient than change initiated within the feminine consciousness: receptive, holistic, inexhaustible and lasting—this is the only way we move forward as a planet. Women’s Earth Alliance is an organization that represents the new paradigm. These powerful women are changing the way we’re changing the world.

— Mary Diaz, September Sponsor