Each time you give to WEA through our Market, you are becoming part of a long tradition of women and allies who are dedicated to protecting our Earth and strengthening communities from the inside out.

Give a gift with an impact.
All donations support WEA’s global network of grassroots leaders protecting our Earth.

Make Your Home More Sustainable With Cleancult

WEA has partnered with Cleancult to create an impact in your home and the world. Cleancult is a socially conscious revolutionary company that combines paper-based cartons and refillable glass bottles to deliver a clean that's good for you and the planet.

15% of all sales from this Cleancult bundle directly support + amplify the work of WEA and our Global Alliance. Additionally, receive 15% off when you shop using the code WEA15.

Clean Up Your Closet With YESAND

Sustainable fashion brand YES AND, founded by ecopreneur Marci Zaroff has launched a capsule collection in support of WEA. This collaboration is a limited edition tie-dye sweatshirt and tee featuring WEA's slogan: "When women thrive, the Earth thrives."

22% of net sales will directly support WEA's mission to catalyze women-led grassroots initiatives globally.

RESIST Straight Beige Watermark-01

Recieve Limited Edition Illustrations

In this watershed moment for women’s rights and women-led movements, these prints invite you to stand with WEA and our partners worldwide who are building solutions to some of the most pressing social and environmental concerns we’ve ever faced: gender and economic inequality, environmental violence, climate change, food insecurity, and more.
RISE print 2
RECLAIM print photo 1 with watermark
ripple do not copy TEXT

Letterpress Prints and/or Packs of 5 Postcards
“Do Not Copy” watermark not on actual print.
Made by Camden Richards of Liminal Press + Bindery (letterpress printing). Get yours!