Emmanuela Shinta


shinta redwoods


Dayak Territory,

Kalimantan, Indonesia

Affiliations & Roles

Dayak Leader

Founder, Ran Welum Foundation




Emmanuela Shinta is a Dayak leader, activist, filmmaker and writer with a reputation for leading and empowering young people. Her work has been recognized widely in Asia Pacific, including being the icon of Asian Geographic issue 117 Planet Under Fire and featured in UNICEF Global White Paper Women Health & Climate 2017. With organization called Ranu Welum Foundation which she founded in 2016, she has trained more than 100 young indigenous people to be able to use camera to tell their causes. She has been speaking on behalf of her communities in regional and international forum about public misconception on Dayak people and bringing the stories from the ground up to global audience through short videos and documentaries.

Emmanuela Shinta
Emmanuela Shinta
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