Lia Putrinda

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East Jawa, Malang, Indonesia

Affiliations & Roles

Cofounder of Clungup Mangrove Conservation Tiga Warna

Trustee and Leader of CMC Tigawarna Management Team

Cofounder of the Bhakti Alam Sendang Biru Foundation

Recipient of PRESIDENT AWARD 2017 as a 72 Icon Prestasi-Social Entrepreneurship


Lia Putrinda Anggawa Mukti has been working to conserve the Clungup Mangroves Area since she was 12 years old. Lia and her father collaborated to build the Bhakti Alam Sendang Biru Foundation which manages mangroves, as well as a coral conservation area called Clungup Mangrove Conservation Tiga Warna (CMC Tiga Warna). The Bhakti Alam Sendang Biru foundation employs 109 locals, 80% of whom were forest encroachers, but are now ecotourism guides. Lia now works as a trustee and leader of the CMC Tiga Warna's management team.

Lia has worked as treasurer for the East Java Ecotourism Forum (EJEF) since 2017. She has also worked as an ecotourism guide assessor since 2016 for Badan Nasional Sertifikasi Profesi (BNSP). In 2016, Lia was named a Pemuda Pelopor in the category of natural resources, and following that, became a judge of Pemuda Pelopor in 2017, under the Youth Ministry (KEMENPORA). Lia is one of 72 Indonesian Achievement icons (72 ikon prestasi indonesia) in the social entrepreneur category. 

Lia Putrinda
Lia Putrinda

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