Putu Ayu, Aniek



Bali, Indonesia

Affiliations & Roles

Project Lead for Kelecung Kelod Tourism


Putu Ayu Aniek is a community organizer from Bali, Indonesia. She is the project lead for Kelecung Kelod Tourism. As international investors acquire large portions of her homeland, Aniek is mitigating loss of livelihood in her community by empowering women with skills and tools to create ecologically resilient businesses. Tourism can be a threat to the local community if it is not driven by local sustainable practices, but Aniek chooses to embrace the thriving tourism opportunities to empower the women and children in her community. She brings a new approach to tourism that preserves the culture and wisdom of the local people and the natural resources that they depend on in order to continue and promote their traditional and sustainable lifestyle. Her biggest motivation is to ensure our next generation still owns the land and leads  prosperous, sustainable lives. 

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