Prawita Tasya Karissa

Studying and advocating for coral reef restoration in local Bali communities.



Bali, Indonesia

Affiliations & Roles

Executive Director & Co-Founder of Biorock Indonesia

2017 TEMPO Young Leader 

Expert in Community Based Coral Reef Restoration and non-profit project management

Member of Indonesian Scuba Diving Society

Marine Conservationist


Prawita Tasya Karissa is a coral reef restoration expert from Bali, Indonesia. Tasya is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of Biorock Indonesia, based in Bali. She has been involved with Biorock since 2003, a technology that creates artificial coral reefs from the accumulation of minerals, after receiving the opportunity to study Biorock technology with the inventors, Prof. Wolf Hilbertz and Dr. Tom Goreau. Biorock Indonesia focuses on coral reef restoration using cutting edge Biorock technology, so coral grows faster and healthier, even in poor water quality.  coral reef in Indonesia still in damaged condition. By using community-based and blue economy approaches, Tasya has dedicated herself to finding ways to involve those around her, community members, stakeholders, and government partners to take action on this pressing issue. Communities, especially, can take the initiative to restore coral reefs, protect the restoration area, and at the same time gain income to feed their family and run the project for decades until the coral reef is fully recovered.

Tasya's research and expertise has been acknowledged worldwide, as she has developed unique and effective methods for restoration that are creating hope for reef ecosystems and those that depend on them, in the face of the climate crisis. Her university thesis on Application of Biorock to Pearl Oyster Juvenile, Pinctada Maxima, was presented worldwide during a conference organized by the Society Ecological Restoration in Merida, Mexico in 2011. Her research was also published in “Innovative Methods of Marine Restoration”. She also worked as a consultant for Clean Development Mechanism for five years and is an expert in community involvement strategy and managing nonprofit projects. Since 2014, she has lead more than 15 Biorock Indonesia’s projects with the help of her team and partners, from surveying to planning, to installation and maintenance. Currently, Tasya and her team are working closely with Indonesian Ministries and UNDP Indonesia to prepare community-based coral reef restoration with Biorock technology in archipelagic island states.

In addition to her amazing work for Biorock, Tasya is also an advocate for women’s empowerment and equality. As a mother of three, and longtime community activist, Prawita also brings a focus on community and balance to her work and team, integrating multiple aspects of these perspectives and values into her restoration efforts. 

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Prawita Tasya Karissa

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