Meet The Leaders of the 2019 U.S. Women’s Earth Alliance Grassroots Accelerator

Founder & Director, Wisconsin Green Muslims

West Bend, Wisconsin

Bridging faith and environmental justice to educate her Wisconsin community on energy and water conservation.

President, Malu 'Aina Center for Nonviolent Education and Action

Kailuna-Kona, Hawaii

Preserving traditional ecologies and cultures to pass on to the next generation in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

Communications Director, Western Organization of Resource Councils

Billings, Montana

Shifting the narrative on climate change through storytelling projects across the West.

Utah Youth Environmental Solutions

Salt Lake City, Utah

Empowering young people in Utah to engage with the root causes of local environmental issues from an intersectional perspective.

Climate Justice Organizer, Public Citizen

San Antonio, Texas

Fighting air pollution and protecting children’s health in her community of San Antonio, Texas. 

Development Director, The Earth Hacks Foundation

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Building climate resilient and socially just communities through hackathons.  

Climate Justice Lead & Executive for Environmental Justice, United Methodists Women

Queens, New York

Using faith to grow a culture of climate justice and gender equity in Queens, New York.

Marin City People's Plan

Marin City, California

Empowering local underserved youth and adults through ecoliteracy training and nature-based adaptation models.

Founder & Director, Voyaging Foods

Honolulu, Hawaii

Reclaiming a regenerative food system and Hawaiian food sovereignty.

Program Director, Little Growers Inc

Palm Bay, Florida

Building sustainable food production systems and providing STEM opportunities for underserved youth in Palm Bay, Florida.

Co-Founder & President, People Power Solar Cooperative

Oakland, California

Creating regenerative economies and making solar power accessible in East Oakland.

Founder & Executive Director, Beyond Organic Design

New York, New York

Organizing sustainability and permaculture education in New York to prepare children facing the permanent consequences associated with climate change.

Executive Director, Public Lab

Houston, Texas

Incorporating nature-based solutions and nature-centered practices in Houston municipal structures.

Fellow Organizer, Uplift

Flagstaff, Arizona

Mobilizing young people all over the Colorado Plateau to train, learn, and develop relationships in the face of climate change.

Senator of Guam

Prutehi Litekyan/Save Ritidian

Hagatña, Guam

Preventing environmental degradation in Guam and mobilizing community members to protect Litekyan, a sacred land scheduled to be the site of a firing range.

Food Justice Organizer, Missouri Coalition for the Environment

St. Louis, Missouri

Organizing against the food apartheid in St. Louis to improve food access and representation of local food systems.

President, Mauna Kea Anaina Hou

Founder, Kai Palaoa

Hilo, Hawaii

Mobilizing to protect Hawaiian sacred site, Mauna Kea and upholding traditional indigenous principles of Aloha Aina and Kapu Aloha.

Co-Founder, Alliance of Native Seedkeepers

Richmond, Virginia

Rebuilding culture and food security for native peoples through preserving and proliferating native seeds in Richmond, Virginia.

Youth Organizer, Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice

Gonzales, California

Educating agricultural workers on their health rights, and fighting against pesticide-use in the Central Valley of California.

Western Campaigns Director, National Young Farmers Coalition

Denver, Colorado

Aiding young farmers to ensure success in adapting to climate change on their farms across the Western U.S.

Climate Justice Campaign Coordinator, Sojourners

Washington D.C.

Creating a cultural shift within the church around the issues of climate, and building a church network of climate advocates in Washington D.C.