Dr. Annesha Chowdhury, PhD

Senior Program Manager

Annesha is an ecologist, a conservationist and an agro-ecosystem researcher by training. She has experience of working with grassroots communities in the Sikkim - Darjeeling Himalayas where she incorporates an integrated, interdisciplinary, participatory approach to research, learning and solutions.

For the past few years, Annesha has worked as Program Manager for multiple grassroots level projects in India, Kenya and the United States, serving the needs of underserved communities with a special focus on women and young girls, providing support through training and mentoring. She loves to mentor new and aspiring researchers guiding them through their proposal design, research methods, and grant applications.

Annesha is passionate about the environment, the issues of the disproportionate impact of climate change on vulnerable communities and has dedicated her research and management skills to address biodiversity conservation, agro-ecosystem enhancement, food security & sovereignty. She is a foodie, loves to travel, dabbles in photography, is passionate about birding and new experiences.