Jennifer Palmer

Special Initiatives Lead

Jen is an impassioned global connector, environmental entrepreneur, inspirational speaker and intrepid lover of the wild. She believes that together, we can create a paradigm shift in how we connect to nature and co-exist in harmony. With two decades of professional experience and research in over 45 countries, she has worked closely across cultures in regions such as Africa, SE Asia, Oceania, Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, and North America.

As founder of Women for Wildlife and JenPalmerGlobal, she gives rise to those who strive to have a positive and authentic impact on our world. With a masters in International Applied Ecology and Conservation, she elevates meaningful causes and purpose-driven projects through mindfulness and compassion.

She has been a trusted advisor, strategist, consultant, guide, writer and spokesperson for esteemed companies, nonprofits, government agencies, foundations and business leaders around the world — such as the IUCN, Jane Goodall Institute, and Project Drawdown.

With a deep connection to wellness, she is most at home in the wilderness — trekking across African bush, swimming in a warm ocean or exploring the jungles of Indonesia.