Kate King

Development Manager

Kate King holds a degree in Economics and Environmental Studies from the University of Northern Colorado (Go Bears! Vamos Osos!) and is currently pursuing a certificate in Data, Economics, and Development. She is passionate about understanding the intersection of women's economic empowerment and environmental sustainability. During her time in college, she took courses in conservation, sustainability, economics, and gender studies, which sparked her interest in exploring the ways in which women can play a key role in promoting sustainable development. She believes that by empowering women to participate more fully in the economy and by promoting environmentally friendly practices, we can create a more equitable and sustainable world for all.

Originally from Colorado, Kate now travels the world full-time, in constant pursuit of understanding the unique challenges and opportunities that exist at the intersection of women's economic empowerment and environmental sustainability in different cultures and contexts. She is dedicated to exploring diverse communities, engaging with local communities, and learning from their experiences to contribute to the collective knowledge and drive positive change.