Kiya Leake

Program + Development Coordinator

Kiya Leake started her time at Women’s Earth Alliance as one of their Programs and Operations interns where she gave support to the team on the day-to-day office and database functioning. After her time interning she was brought on part-time to help with donor stewardship, salesforce management, and supporting the U.S. Accelerator program and it:s participants. She was inspired by the diverse work of WEA women and those partnering in the work. 

In her current full-time role, she continues to support the donor process on the backend serves as live tech support for accelerator and World Weaver public events, and assists in keeping the WEA website up to date. For the U.S. Accelerator Kiya functions as the programs Communication & Production Manager where she manages internal communications to participants, partners with the program director to plan timetables and deliverables, as well as provides live technical support in all program virtual calls. 

Kiya completed her bachelor’s degree at San Francisco State University where she focused on Environmental Studies and Natural Resource Management. She’s passionate about seeking environmental justice through urban communities, by the equipping of vulnerable communities and the sharing of knowledge and resources. She believes that through deep partnership, recognized need, and pooled power we can create the space for people to contribute to the healing of our earth and the ecosystem that makes it up.