Laura Vigil Escalera Mier

Laura Vigil Escalera Mier

Mexico Regional Coordinator

Laura is a dedicated feminist and environmentalist committed to fostering a fair and sustainable world for all. Her passion lies in working with organizations deeply rooted in gender and environmental values, where her interdisciplinary background in Environmental Sciences and Gender Studies can flourish. Since 2018, Laura has been actively engaged in managing programs that involve the active participation of young women, girls, and boys from rural communities, driving progress towards an environmentally and gender-just world.

As an Administrative Coordinator and Gender Consultant at EnraizArte, she was in charge of financial management and strategic planning for projects promoting gender equality in Michoacán, Mexico. Her tenure as a Gender Climate Tracker (GCT) intern at the Women’s Environment and Development Organization (WEDO) honed her skills in operational support, database categorization, and research on gender and climate justice. 

With her commitment to intersectionality and decolonial practices, she aims to make significant contributions as the Regional Coordinator of Mexico at the Women’s Earth Alliance, strengthening women’s leadership and fostering environmental justice for generations to come.

Laura finds inspiration in nature and physical activities like dancing, hiking, practicing capoeira, and rollerblading.