Nairobi HS

Nairobi Hilaire Seabrooks

Development Coordinator

Nairobi is an environmental justice warrior intent on uplifting indigenous rematriation of the land. They believe our collective liberation is possible through community, care, and the decentralization of wealth. Nairobi studied Business at New York University where they became heavily involved in fortifying existing mutual aid networks. They organize within their community in order to create food justice for their neighbors.

Nairobi continues this work as an advocate for food sovereignty and as a student of agroforestry. They spent three months studying a decolonial approach to permaculture in Chapel Hill, North Carolina under the tutelage of Sarai Nicolina. They hope to continue land-based stewardship in their matrilineal homeland of Guadeloupe and West Africa.

Nairobi currently works as the Development Coordinator alongside a phenomenal team here at Women’s Earth Alliance.