Olanike 2

Olanike Olugboji

Nigeria Program Lead

Olanike Olugboji is an award-winning conservationist and women’s empowerment advocate. Olanike became a founding member of the Women’s Earth Alliance (WEA) in 2006 where she was a part of co-designing a global organization empowering women environmental leaders around the world. In 2008, Olanike participated in WEA’s first Women and Water Training in Kenya. Equipped with technical skills, entrepreneurship training, and seed funding, she went on to launch her own NGO called Women’s Initiative for Sustainable Environment (WISE)

In addition to directing WISE, Olanike is WEA’s Nigeria Project Lead, where she recently led a successful women’s clean cookstoves initiative training 30 women to launch clean cookstoves businesses that created energy access for 9,000 people in the first year. 

Olanike is also a correspondent for World Pulse, where she speaks on critical issues like climate change. Her writing has been featured in Time Magazine, and she is involved in a number of leadership and global initiatives, like the Nigerian Alliance for Clean Cookstoves. Olanike’s work has created refuge for Nigerian women, as well as an opportunity for women leaders to create a livelihood and secure a future for their children and the earth.