The time to act for climate and gender justice is now.

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WEA & Vital Voices Global Partnership

Women‘s Earth Alliance and Vital Voices Global Partnership  aim to guide and inspire leaders — in any and every sector — to join this critical movement by centering their own leadership practices in climate and gender action. Orienting ourselves and our organizations toward climate and gender action is the key to our success and what the urgency of this moment calls for.

Vital Voices invests in women leaders who are solving the world’s greatest challenges — from gender-based violence to the climate crisis, economic inequities, and more. They are “venture catalysts,“ identifying those with a daring vision for change and partnering with them to make that vision a reality. The mission of Vital Voices is to identify, invest in, and bring visibility to extraordinary women around the world by unleashing their leadership potential to transform lives and accelerate peace and prosperity in their communities.

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Our Climate Must Be Protected

Around the world, women lead the majority of local environmental justice movements despite persecution and deep inequity.

Many don’t own the land they work to protect, don’t have a say in the policies that profoundly impact their lives, and don’t have access to financial capital, technical training, or networks of allies. At the same time, women and girls are, and will continue to be, the most vulnerable to the effects of the climate emergency and will experience a disproportionate impact on their health, well-being, and livelihoods.

In order to solve the climate emergency, we need intersectional solutions. That’s why Women’s Earth Alliance and Vital Voices came together to create a Climate and Gender Action Toolkit to provide leaders in all sectors the necessary tools, support, and networks to integrate climate and gender justice into their leadership practice.

Women Are Affected By Climate Disater In Disproportionate Numbers

Women’s Earth Alliance, Vital Voices, and our network of women leaders know that we can’t tackle the climate emergency without gender equality. Within a gender framework and true equity mindset, we must consider the intersectionalities of women


of single mothers were unable to return to their homes for 2 years after Hurricane Katrina


of climate refugees are women


of theses women affected by climate disaster have at least one law retricting economic equality for women


out of the 26M estimated to be displaced by the climate crisis are women
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Intersectionality Matters

noun: intersectionality; plural: intersectionalities
The complex, cumulative way in which the effects of multiple forms of
discrimination (such as racism, sexism, and classism) combine, overlap, or intersect, especially in the experiences of marginalized individuals or groups.

"Still, there is a lot of work to do especially … in terms of intersectionality with race, ability, sexuality, and gender identity."
— Wyatte Grantham-philips, USA TODAY, October 11, 2021