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According to Project Drawdown – the New York Times best seller and research initiative that maps, measures, models, and describes the top 100 solutions to reverse global warming – cascading benefits occur in societies when women are supported . The data speaks, two top solutions (family planning and educating girls) combine to make “…empowering girls and women...the most impactful tool for achieving drawdown.”  Other key environmental solutions that WEA trainings address are Smallholders (farming) and Clean Cookstoves which also underscore the critical importance of investing in women.

“Due to existing inequalities, women and girls are disproportionately vulnerable to [the impacts of global warming], from disease to natural disaster. At the same time, women and girls are pivotal to addressing global warming successfully — and to humanity’s overall resilience. Suppression and marginalization along gender lines hurts everyone, whereas equity is good for all. These solutions show that enhancing the rights and well-being of women and girls will dramatically improve the future of life on this planet.” 

— Project Drawdown

Why Women’s Earth Alliance?

We have delivered results since 2006 by equipping women with the skills and tools they need to protect our planet and strengthen communities from the inside out. Through our programs women leaders access skills and resources, and are connected to networks to protect water sources, revive watersheds, plant trees, farm sustainably, and remove toxins from our communities.

To date, more than 5,000 women from 20 countries have gone through our capacity building trainings and have reached over 1 million people.

$175,000 Capital Campaign

After 13 years of growing our global impact (see a summary here), WEA is ready to hire a new strategic team member to support the operations of its programs, communicate with women environmental leaders around the world, and lead program organization and management. Bringing on this team member will allow WEA to double its programmatic output, reaching twice as many women with critical skills and tools. This is a multiplier because each woman trained through WEA trains up thousands more, bringing economic opportunities, environmental solutions, and health and well-being to underserved communities.

“Over the years, WEA’s global team has worked diligently and strategically under the surface, building up a strong foundation of women leaders who are resourced to implement specific drawdown solutions for reversing global warming. Their impact is measurable and significant, and their movement is growing. Through supporting WEA, we all have the opportunity to turn the needle toward healing and regeneration for our world. WEA’s work is at the very core and very heart of what it is we have to understand, enable, support, protect, honor, and allow to come forth. We can reverse global warming but we can’t unless we empower the majority of the world. And that would be women and girls.”

Drawdown Author, Paul Hawken

In partnership with:

WEA is proud to partner with Bluestone Life as their 1% for the Planet Nonprofit Partner. 1% for the Planet brings businesses, donors and organizations together to increase smart environmental giving.

“Bluestone Life™ supports WEA because when women thrive, families, communities and the Earth thrive. According to Project Drawdownthe NYT best seller and research initiative that details the top solutions to reverse global warmingcascading benefits occur in societies when women are supported. Two top solutions (family planning and educating girls) combine to make '…empowering girls and women...the most impactful tool for achieving drawdown.' You can be part of a larger systems change and support WEA with the products and services you buy every day. This includes your choices about food, clothing, and life insurance. Bluestone offers life insurance that directly supports WEA with a complimentary benefit. Bluestone believes life insurance best protects those you love when it also protects your community and our home planet. This is why we are honored to collaborate with WEA!” 

— Nathan Irons, Founder and CEO of Bluestone Life