Brady Seals

Advocating for clean energy and technology in the household energy sector.

Brady Anne Seals Profile


Colorado, USA

Affiliations & Roles

Manager, RMI’s Carbon-Free Buildings Program



Brady Seals is a manager in (formerly Rocky Mountain Institute) Carbon-Free Buildings program. Here she leads the program’s work on air quality and public health. She engages stakeholders in rapidly transitioning to clean energy solutions that deliver environmental, health, and economic benefits. Brady has over a decade of renewable energy experience within the global household energy sector. Her interest in energy access began at a nonprofit promoting biofuels-based cookstoves. She has commercialized clean technologies and fuels by directing programs within the nonprofit and corporate sectors in more than 16 countries.

In her lifetime, Brady would like to see a world where everyone’s household needs are powered with clean energy. She has been working towards that goal since she started her career. She hopes her current work will help regulators prioritize clean energy and create policies to make clean energy affordable and accessible. By a combination of groundswell advocacy and political will, she believes universal access is possible. Her optimism is buoyed by the many individuals she has met throughout her career working towards the same goal.


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