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Meet Bija

Bija is the newest member of the Women's Earth Alliance team.

She has traveled far and wide, planting seeds of inspiration all over the globe, and now, she is ready to take on the metaverse.

Bija is a rare, honorary member of the SolSisters NFT collection. As our official SolSisters Ambassador, Bija's cardinal mission is to spread awareness of WEA's global programs, and work alongside our friends at SolSisters to help to increase climate and environmental solutions, both offline and online, to ensure a safe, healthy and just future for generations to come.

The SolSisters have been so generous in supporting our Women and Forests initiatives. We are inspired by their commitment to making an impact for women, our communities, and the earth, and are honored to partner with them to create real transformation in the world.

But now, with the help of Bija, we're taking our mission to the metaverse...and she has very big plans!

Follow along Bija's adventures on Twitter, as you'll be seeing a lot more of her face online there!

If you're interested in helping WEA and supporting Bija's mission, we invite you to make a crypto donation below through Giving Block!

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