These principles were collaboratively written by WEA’s founding circle of 30 women and continue to guide our work today.

1.    We are committed to the protection, conservation and regeneration of our Mother Earth and all of her species;

2.    Sustainability, defined as “the ability to provide for the needs of the world’s current population without damaging the ability of future generations to provide for themselves” is an organizing principle that directs our actions in favor of the health of each other and the planet;

3.    Our network is founded upon, and rooted in, a participatory democracy framework where we include the voices of all and maintain a horizontal flow of information;

4.    We recognize the wisdom of indigenous peoples and honor the traditional knowledge to which we are all bound;

5.    We, as women, work to empower and support each other to become more dynamic and collaborative leaders;

6.    The shift towards a more sustainable world needs to occur on a global scale. This change requires that actions be initiated and supported at the local level;

7.    We believe that networking, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing is critical to our success as a global village;

8.    We value the leadership of younger generations of women, and commit to educating and supporting the development of their fullest potential as responsible citizens and environmental stewards;

9.    We believe that the key to peace is recognizing and honoring the interconnection of social, environmental and economic justice.

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