The dedicated support of these individuals and families allows us to dream.

We invite you to join the WEA Giving Circle – our vision keepers, who stand in solidarity with this vital work by contributing $1,500 – 150,000 each year for three years.

Launched by author and environmentalist, Julia Butterfly Hill who wanted to see a community of committed individuals completely underwrite WEA’s operational costs  WEA’s Giving Circle is now over 50 people strong. For the last several years, our Giving Circle has covered 100% of our operational costs, allowing us to focus the needed energy on our programmatic work.

WEA’s history has been defined by this Giving Circle, whose multi-year support allows us to be responsive, visionary and bold. Some give monthly, others give annually, but each individual contributes anywhere between $1,500 and $150,000 each year for 3 years. Giving Circle members receive special updates and opportunities to directly connect with our grassroots colleagues, as well as a chance to gather at our Thanks Giving Circle Dinner.



Mother/Daughter Members: Marcy & Taylor Pattinson

“What first spoke to us was that what WEA was creating was so simple, so effective, so necessary! We saw how our financial support of WEA is directly translated into action and measurable achievement.

We are also enriched in return by our warm and deep connections to the people of WEA. Each of them we have come to know personally has taken us in as partners and confidants. We continually receive the gift of passion, inspiration, compassion and the honest confidence that grass roots work like this can change lives and our earth for the better. We’re supporting WEA for the long haul.” 






WEA Giving Circle Members (past and present):


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