How to Create a Facebook Fundraiser for WEA

Follow these simple steps to begin supporting WEA on Facebook:

  1. Click "Fundraisers" in the left menu of your News Feed.
  2. Click "Raise Money".
  3. Select "Nonprofit/Charity".
  4. Select "Earth Island Institue" as the non-profit.
  5. Fill in event details: how much you would like to raise and when you would like the fundraiser to end. (For example: For #GivingTuesday, those fundraisers would be for just that day; otherwise we recommend a short time frame of a week or two.)
  6. Select "Next".
  7. Update the title and description of the fundrasier.
    • Make sure to include "WOMENS EARTH ALLIANCE" in the title of your fundraiser!
  8. Select "Next". Choose a cover photo for the fundraiser.
  9. Click "Create".

Note: Donation and fundraising features on Facebook aren't available in every area.