At WEA, music extends beyond a source of entertainment, it is a tool for learning and unity. Music can help to bring people and communities together to foster strength in times of need. Writing songs about process that benefit the community is also a delightful tool help learn and spread the knowledge of various solutions.

Music and WEA Women

Trainees at a program for healthy water practices learned songs to remember WASH practices and developed a street play for public WASH demonstrations and support their outreach efforts. Indigenous peoples’ struggle for land and equality. Music also facilitates action in the indigenous resistance through songs with unignorable messages, calling for solidarity and strength.

Down Arrows


Pua Case and Hāwane Rios are a mother-daughter team whose efforts to protect sacred sites and lifeways in Hawai`i have brought them from Mauna Kea to Mount Shasta, to stand with and sing alongside Indigenous peoples around the world in a collective effort to preserve the mountains and waters that give and support life.

Down Arrows


Watch as the WASH trainees sing a song that will help them remember and spread all that they learned during training.

The Facts

Indigenous youth often learn the histories of their ancestors, their land, and their duty to the land through song*

Indigenous tribes in Brazil use music and ceremony to re-create and celebrate who they have been and establish what they wish to be. *