Mobilizing Indonesia's Indigenous Conservationists

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Conservation International (CI) is a core Program Partner for the 2020 Indonesia Women’s Earth Alliance Accelerator Program through co-developing the Indigenous Conservation Track (ICT). The ICT supports Indigenous women leaders at the helm of scalable conservation initiatives in Northern Sumatra, Papua, and Kalimantan to grow and scale the impact of their work. This partnership integrates CI’s and WEA’s respective conservation, project planning, and leadership training expertise delivering high-impact content and experiences that accelerate the leadership of Indigenous women and the growth of their solutions.

Indigenous women’s leadership in Indonesia is driving solutions such as:

● Restoring coral reefs with local communities
● Training indigenous “Forest Guardians” to fight forest fires and restore forests
● Improving livelihoods of cacao farmers and detoxifying the land through regenerative agriculture
● Protecting forests, mangroves and economies through non-timber, forest-based livelihoods
● Transforming watersheds and waste streams with schools and institutions
● Converting chemically-contaminated farms to organic

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