Catalyzing Women's Climate Solutions in Kenya

In partnership with Women in Water and Natural Resource Conservation (WWANC)

The Kenya Accelerator

The Kenya Women's Earth Alliance Accelerator convenes a powerful group of women leaders who are out front – fiercely protecting our water, food, air, forests, land, sacred sites, indigenous lifeways, and future generations. By investing in women leaders to scale solutions for change, we are creating the conditions for an inclusive, safe, and thriving world.

Photo: Spell & The Gypsy Collective; 2019 Kenya Accelerator

Meet the Kenya Leaders:

 The Accelerator aims to amplify:


Generate quantifiable impact in leaders’ projects that restore ecosystems, transform agriculture and food systems, build green economies, and protect people’s health, rights and safety


Grow public awareness and visibility for key environmental campaigns and causes via Sierra Club’s 3 million + membership and WEA’s international network.


Bolster women’s environmental leadership nationally and internationally by strengthening women’s networks, spheres of influence, and access to resources

The Accelerator includes:

A week-long immersive experiential learning and knowledge-share program in Nairobi, Kenya with content offered by diverse experts on topics such as designing and measuring for impact, effective communication strategies, resource mobilization, coalition building, climate technologies, leadership, and self-care

Pre- and post-workshop group calls

Sector-specific working groups to dig deeper into climate technologies, networks, and communities of practice

Leaders are accelerating the impact of their existing projects in these intersectional areas and beyond:

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Photo: Spell & The Gypsy Collective; 2019 Kenya Accelerator
Photo: Spell & The Gypsy Collective; 2019 Kenya Accelerator

In the face of environmental crises, the diverse solutions that women climate leaders deliver are critical to our survival. In response, the Kenya Women's Earth Alliance Accelerator is designed for timely action and high impact.

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