Ekta Jaju

ekta jaju


Kolkata, India

Affiliations & Roles

Co-founder, SwitchON Foundation and ONergy

Founder and CEO, ONganic Foods

Ekta Jaju is the co-founder of SwitchON Foundation, a grassroots project committed to spreading awareness about environmental solutions through youth advocacy, capacity-building and innovation. ON group focuses on clean energy, agriculture, and food manufacturing. Through this, Ekta is the CEO and founder of ONganic Foods, an organic agri-social enterprise that works with local, organic farmers in India to connect them with markets for their products. This project aims to keep organic farmers in the business whilst spreading the benefits of organic farming which include improving soil quality, climate resilience, and promoting biodiversity and health. Ekta is also the co-founder of ONergy Solar, a renewable energy venture that provides a variety of services for those interested in solar energy in many sectors. ONergy strives to make its technology affordable and accessible.  

Ekta has advised many national and international organizations, including UN Women and GIZ India. She has been awarded the Un Ltd India fellowship, Climate Strategies Accelerator Fellowship by the Packard Foundation, and the DASRA and BYCL fellowships. Ekta uses her experience in sustainable agriculture and energy to focus on sustainable, resilient, and organic community building that promotes health and wellness.

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