Gurung Laxmi

Gurung Laxmi



Affiliations & Roles

President, Indigenous Women League Nepal


Gurung Laxmi is the President of the Indigenous Women League Nepal - IWL Nepal. Her work prioritizes indigenous human rights and environmental action as she has focused heavily on eliminating waste and promoting the “plastic free village” movement to keep the indigenous settlement clean and pollution-free. IWL Nepal has been lobbying for proper implementation of international human rights instruments, including research and documentation to advocate for indigenous women, capacity building and leadership trainings to increase the engagement of indigenous women while coordinating networks for indigenous led organizations. Gurung has been engaging and mobilizing indigenous women revitalizing their knowledge and skills and using these for their socio-economic empowerment.  Gurung has been working to promote the National Plan of Zero Hunger, formulated by the government of Nepal and is currently an active member of the Nepal Participatory Action Network (NEPAN), Society Local Integrated Development Society (SOLID Nepal), Rural Indigenous Women Center, Nepal and the Nepal Gurung (Tamu) Women Association. 

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