Roshan Rathod



Uttarakhand, India

Affiliations & Roles

Specialist, Peoples' Science Institute


Roshan Rathod is a subject area specialist at the Peoples' Science Institute working towards gender equity, water security, and sustainable tourism. She aims to strengthen participation and democracy at the local level for various initiatives across Uttarakhand. Some of these initiatives include water user groups for water security and community based “Paryatan” (tourism) groups to ensure sustainability and ecotourism. She has also been involved with MAKAAM, a nationwide movement and platform for women and land rights by engaging with women's farming collectives in Maharashtra. Roshan has been able to highlight the collective farming practices undertaken by women farmers through academic and non academic publications and is involved in facilitating community mobilisation and institution building, assisting implementation of development projects such as watershed development and alternative livelihoods, developing gender framework for various projects, and liaising with other agencies such as nonprofits and government departments. Additionally, Roshan has experience of on-the-ground engagement with farming collectives formed and led by women in the drought prone regions of Maharashtra that focused on organic farming.

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