Tanvi Agrawal



Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Affiliations & Roles

Researcher, Nityata Foundation


Tanvi Agrawal works with the Nityata Foundation, conducting research to build a solid case for the state to take action against the pollution of the Cauvery river and working to file a public interest litigation petitioning that sewage treatment plants be established in all towns in Karnataka. Outside of the Nityata Foundation, Tanvi is working on publishing a research paper exploring crop conservation practices of Adivasi Gond farmers in relation to climate resilience, nutrition security and economic motivation. Prior to this, Tanvi was worked with the Climate and Disaster Risk Reduction Programme unit of the United Nations World Food Programme, designing climate adaptation projects, applying for climate finance and working to ensure that the organisation's country strategic plans include climate mitigation and adaptation objectives. Tanvi is a member of Grama Seva Sangha, an organisation that facilitates constructive urban-rural interactions required for sustainable development and has been involved in numerous voluntary initiatives improving farmer welfare, experimenting in climate-friendly growing techniques, and participating in food harvesting and redistribution. In 2015, she conducted workshops at a local school in Bangalore to introduce children to the concept of "farm to table" and worked with Charaka, a rural women's co-operative society, to carry out research on the handloom cotton production model and its impact on the weaver community and local economy. Tanvi hopes to continue to work at the nexus of climate, development and food systems, either in research for policy, or project implementation at the grassroots level in India. 

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