Are you an Indonesian woman working in one or more of these interconnected sectors or stategies with the goal of scaling your solutions?

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The 2020 Women's Earth Alliance Grassroots Accelerator is an opportunity to gain the skills, tools, knowledge, and networks that you need to accelerate your impact.


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Each candidate must fill out a full application AND be nominated by a colleague or supporter who believes in your work and your potential to drive solutions. 


Together we will amplify your:


Through the completion of a strategy and impact framework for your project and ongoing support to monitor and evaluate your goals, you will create and refine an action plan designed for scaling your solutions. 


You will gain a national and global network of women grassroots environmental leaders, male allies, potential funding and project partners, mentors, and supporters. Your project will become visible and accessible to our global alliance.


You will gain skills, tools, and knowledge through the 4 month online program and our one-week together in Bali. Upon the completion of the program, you will have the opportunity to apply for a seed grant, and your online profile page will include an updated bio, high-resolution portraits, and a professional profile video.


4 months of facilitated online skill-building, knowledge-exchange, and coaching


Program content offered by diverse experts on topics such as designing and measuring for impact, effective communication strategies, resource mobilization, coalition building, environmental technologies, leadership, and self-care.

web call

Twice-monthly group video calls and speaker series


Sector-specific and/or regional working groups to dig deeper into environmental technologies, networks, and communities of practice


A week-long gathering in Bali to exchange knowledge, deepen our relationships, and grow our movement - all travel and accommodation costs covered by the Accelerator

hands circle seeds

Graduation into the Women’s Earth Alliance – an alliance of women environmental leaders who are building relationships for the long-term, co-designing a diverse and just movement of women’s environmental leadership, and unleashing solutions that will shape our collective future


Here are some highlights from the 2019 Program. Many of the leaders featured here will be mentors and coaches throughout the program.


Meet the 2019 Leaders

Wiwik Subandiah

Wiwik Subandiah Region East Jawa, Jombang, Indonesia Affiliations & Roles Founder of ALAM RIANG Founder of Pemuda Berkarya Educator & Social Worker Environmentalist   Wiwik is the founder of Alam Riang, a reading community that collaborates with Green-books.org to give free education to children in villages in Indonesia. Through this program, she is teaching the…

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Tri Astuti

Region Central Jawa, Jatijajar, Indonesia Sumatera Jember Jogjakarta Affiliations & Roles Teacher at Sokola Institute Activist   Tri Astuti is passionate about justice for indigenous women in Indonesia. She is a volunteer teacher at Sokola Institute, a nonprofit organization specializing in the education and assistance of indigenous people in Indonesia. In 2014, she joined the…

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Tirsana Kailola

Region Maluku, Ambon, Indonesia Affiliations & Roles Early Childhood Program Director for Heka Leka Educator & Teacher Trainer   Tirsana Kailola is a passionate educator and educational program developer. Since 2017 she has worked for HekaLeka Education Center where she started the Early Childhood Program and is responsible for designing and managing teacher’s professional programs…

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Thilma Komaling

Region Indonesia Affiliations & Roles   Tech Startup Catalyst     Thilma Komaling finds her passion through social development in Indonesia. She currently serves as a tech startup catalyst which involves initiating ideas related to public services provided by the government. One of her projects was with Qlue, an app that allows citizens to report…

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Sumilia Sumilia

WEA Women in Action Participant: 2019 Indonesia Grassroots Accelerator Region Aceh, Indonesia Affiliations & Roles Community Developer for Regenerative and Organic Cocoa Projects Facilitator of the Farmer Field School Method Environmentalist Farmer & Farm Community Organizer    Sumila is working to transform Aceh’s Cocoa farming practices to create thriving communities and heal the environment. Issues…

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Sumarni Laman

Dayak Ngaju Region Central Kalimantan, Palangka Raya, Indonesia Affiliations & Roles Communications and Public Relations Manager at Ranu Welum Youth Coordinator for Ranu Welum – Youth Act Network Field Coordinator of The Heartland Project Guardian of Kalimantan Rainforest Sumarni Laman received her bachelor’s degree in Chemistry Education from Palangkaraya University. She has expertise in biological…

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Siti Aisyah

Region West Nusa Tenggara, Lombok, Indonesia Affiliations & Roles Founder and CEO of Yayasan Lombok Eco International Connection   Siti Aisyah is the Founder and CEO of Bank Sampah NTB Mandiri (NTBM), which has grown fast over the past few years to over 300 customers. NTBM has partnered with craftsmen that regularly supply upcycled and…

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Saniy Amalia Priscila

Indonesia Programs MEL Manager and Communications Coordinator Region Bali, Indonesia   Affiliations & Roles Co-Founder, [E]thical Saniy is the co-founder of [E]thical, a platform that aspires to support ethical entrepreneurship in Indonesian youth. As a Public Relations graduate from Padjadjaran University, Indonesia, she has extended experiences in media relations, community engagement, as well as digital…

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Rubama Nusa

WEA Women in Action Region Aceh, Indonesia Affiliations & Roles Forest Defender & Community Organizer:  HAkA Advisory Board of Community Based Tourism Organization Founder of Local Waste Management Program Bird Watcher   Rubama is a community advocate from Aceh, Banda Aceh, Indonesia. She works to engage the women of her community in an effort to…

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Redemta Tete

Region East Nusa Tenggara, Sumba, Indonesia Affiliations & Roles Head of Sumba Hospitality Foundation Educator   Redemta Bato has a sociology degree from Atmajaya University (Yogyakarta). She was born and raised in Sumba and has dedicated her life to community development and non-profit work in Sumba since the start of her career. Her greatest passion lies…

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Raihal Fajri

Region Aceh, Indonesia Affiliations & Roles Executive Director of the Katahati Institute Consultant with Aceh Information Commission Activist & Community Organizer Against Mining and Extractive Industries   Raihal Fajri is an activist and community advocate from Aceh, Meunasah Manyang. Raihal is currently the Executive Director of the Katahati Institute, a nonprofit organization that aims to…

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Putu Ayu, Aniek

Region Bali, Indonesia Affiliations & Roles Project Lead for Kelecung Kelod Tourism   Putu Ayu Aniek is a community organizer from Bali, Indonesia. She is the project lead for Kelecung Kelod Tourism. As international investors acquire large portions of her homeland, Aniek is mitigating loss of livelihood in her community by empowering women with skills…

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Prawita Tasya Karissa

Region Bali, Indonesia Affiliations & Roles Executive Director & Co-Founder of Biorock Indonesia 2017 TEMPO Young Leader  Expert in Community Based Coral Reef Restoration and non-profit project management Member of Indonesian Scuba Diving Society Marine Conservationist   Prawita Tasya Karissa is a coral reef restoration expert from Bali, Indonesia. Tasya is the Executive Director and…

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Region Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia Affiliations & Roles Program Director for Program Gurita Wakatobi FORKANI (Forum Kahedupa Toudani)     Mursiati graduated from Haluoelo University in Kendari with a Law degree. She is working to empower youth and connecting the dots between community health and ocean conservation efforts. She started out as part of a…

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Maria Agustin

Region Bali, Indonesia Affiliations & Roles Head of Partnership, HUBUD Maria is an expert in Public-Private Partnership and Project Management in multilateral programs. She has been involved in raising funds for Bali’s first coworking space, Hubud, and the Coworking Alliance, where she also helped build the coworking space ecosystem across Asia Pacific. Graduated as a…

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Liza Apriani

Region Central Kalimantan, Indonesia Affiliations & Roles Co-founder & Chief of Community and Stakeholders Engagement Officer at Handep     Liza Apriani is the Co-founder and Chief of Community and Stakeholders Engagement Officer at Handep, a social enterprise based in Central Kalimantan, where she is directly involved in the production of ethical and sustainable rattan…

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Lia Putrinda

Region East Jawa, Malang, Indonesia Affiliations & Roles Cofounder of Clungup Mangrove Conservation Tiga Warna Trustee and Leader of CMC Tigawarna Management Team Cofounder of the Bhakti Alam Sendang Biru Foundation Recipient of PRESIDENT AWARD 2017 as a 72 Icon Prestasi-Social Entrepreneurship   Lia Putrinda Anggawa Mukti has been working to conserve the Clungup Mangroves…

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Leoni Rahmawati

Indonesia Outreach Coordinator and Movement Strategist Region DKI Jakarta, Indonesia Affiliations & Roles Communications and Campaign Coordinator for Rainforest Action Network Core team member of Hutan Itu Indonesia     Leoni Rahmawati is the communications and campaign coordinator at Rainforest Action Network in Indonesia. Her organization works with local partners and grassroots movements to protect…

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Irma Sitompul

Indonesia Programs Director Region Bali, Indonesia Affiliations & Roles Co-Founder, For Good A corporate worker turned sustainability entrepreneur, Irma is currently leading an all women team at her consultancy group, For Good. For the past two years, she has worked with more than a dozen organizations and social startups in accelerating their impact and expanding…

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Irene Sohilait

Region Ambon, Maluku, Indonesia Maluku, Indonesia Affiliations & Roles Founder of Green Moluccas Founder of KAMBOTI Chief of Integrated Waste Management Educator Environmentalist and Waste Specialist   Irene Sohilait is from Ambon Island, a small city in eastern Indonesia. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and a Master’s in Environmental Science from Gadjah Mada…

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Ida Rahayu

Region Bali, Indonesia Affiliations & Roles Creator of the Seeds to Table Program Teacher at the Green School of Bali     Ida Rahayu is an educator, Permaculture Designer, and Founder of the Seeds to Table  Program, an integrated curriculum she is implementing in local schools that integrates permaculture, environmental studies and healthy lifestyles.  Based…

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Giyan Antari

Region Bali, Indonesia Affiliations & Roles Co-Director Kul Kul Connection Collaborator and Coordinator Subak Uma Lambing Organic Rice Planting Project Giyan Antari recognizes and admires the profound impact of education in her community and graduated from college with a Bachelor’s degree in Teaching. In 2014, she began her career working for the Green School in…

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Frisca Tobing

Region DKI Jakarta Affiliations & Roles Researcher for World Resource Institute Indonesia         Frisca works as a researcher for the World Resources Institute (WRI) Foundation in Indonesia in social forestry. She uses her background in applied anthropology to help her have a better understanding of developmental work. Frisca is currently researching the…

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Farwiza Farhan (Wiza)

Indonesia Head Facilitator and Mentor Coordinator – WEA Advisory Board Member Region Leuser Ecosystem  Aceh, Indonesia Affiliations & Roles Founder and Chair at HAkA Environmental Impact Strategist Policy and Advocacy Expert Community Mobilizer     Farwiza is the leader of Forest, Nature & Environment Aceh (HAkA) a homegrown Acehnese NGO, which is striving to protect…

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Emmanuela Shinta

Dayak Region Dayak Territory, Kalimantan, Indonesia Affiliations & Roles Dayak Leader Founder, Ran Welum Foundation Speaker Activist   Emmanuela Shinta is a Dayak leader, activist, filmmaker and writer with a reputation for leading and empowering young people. Her work has been recognized widely in Asia Pacific, including being the icon of Asian Geographic issue 117…

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Elisabeth Lily Salim

Region North Sumatera, Medan, Indonesia Affiliations & Roles Founder and CEO of Sanggar Kreativitas Anak Indonesia Certified Level 3 Trainer in Recycle Product Founder and CEO of Sekolah Alam Medan Elisabeth Lily Salim is the founder and CEO of Sanggar Kreativitas Anak Indonesia, a program that educates special needs youth in zero waste management and…

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Audria Evelinn

Region Bali, Indonesia Affiliations & Roles Founder of Little Spoon Farm Regenerative Farmer Sustainability Chief for the Koomba Wellness Center.     Audria Evelinn is striving to improve Indonesia’s local food system by reconciling the connection between farmers and consumers. Her work involves empowering community-based agriculture programs and enacting hands-on education programs for individuals and…

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