Who are the trainers of the WISE Clean Cookstoves Training Project?  Meet Regina Poto.

“The women have gathered together to be pioneers of this clean cookstove. I see a lot of passion in them – passion to change lives, passion to go out there and talk to people about the usefulness of the clean cookstove – and I believe with time and with the enthusiasm I see in them, it’s going to go beyond the shores of this nation…clean cookstoves will become a household name.”

Regina Poto has been an invaluable member of our WISE Clean Cookstove Training team!  She is currently serving as Financial Advisor to the 30 women clean cookstove ambassadors and has brought a wealth of knowledge in entrepreneurship, financial management, profitability, marketing, scalability and long-term sustainability.  We are thrilled to have her as a Financial Advisor on this project because of her long tenure in the banking sector — she has been a perfect fit for our WISE team!

In August 2017, Regina led a refresher course on the financial topics and tools covered during our April and May training intensives for the women entrepreneurs. Since then, she has been working with the women to regularly update their business plans based on real order numbers and operating costs they’ve experienced since being in the field.

In the video below, Regina talks about the WISE Clean Cookstoves Training program and the promise of this work:

To learn more about the WISE Women’s Clean Cookstoves Project, be sure to visit our project page!

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