WATCH NOW: Community Driven Fire Resilience Strategies and Indigenous Fire Ecology World WEAver Event

Over the past few years, fire season has plagued the West Coast. These fires have taken lives, homes, native plants and animals, and thousands of acres of land. The solutions to these disasters can be found in the history of the West, in Indigenous knowledge and practices. Historically, Indigenous peoples have utilized fire in order to care for and upkeep the land.

In this World WEAver workshop Edward (Redbird) Willie discussed the basics of fire ecology in California and the factors that have contributed to the West Coast fire season with WEA's Co-Director, Kahea Pacheco. He dived deeper into the longstanding relationship natives have had with the land and its inhabitants, fire ecology, and how Indigenous ancestors were able to live in a healthy and sustainable way. He went over practices that helped them steward the land and gave some actions that we can take as a community to help contribute solutions to the current climate.

Find out how you can take action and get involved by watching the full video!

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