WEAvings Fall Newsletter: Now is the time

Dear Friends,

In August, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report confirmed what has been devastatingly clear to frontline communities for decades—life on earth is threatened by the climate emergency. We know that women’s leadership is one of the greatest leverage points for increasing our collective climate resilience, and yet women leaders stepping forward with tangible and immediate environmental solutions face an uphill battle. Deep structural inequities rob women leaders of our full potential to profoundly shape our communities, our values, and the future on this planet.

In order to tackle the climate crisis at the pace and scale necessary, we need to invest in the leadership that will take us along that path. Recognizing the critical role that women play and the acute support they need to grow their impact, Women’s Earth Alliance is doubling down on our work around the world. Most importantly, we are listening—to the earth, to our elders, to women, to children, to science and to one another.

Our U.S. Grassroots Accelerator is gathering 33 women leaders from across the continental U.S., the Pacific and Puerto Rico, to scale critical environmental and climate initiatives. From using plants to remediate "toxic hot spots" in Los Angeles' inner city, to promoting ocean stewardship through Indigenous maritime traditions in the Northern Mariana Islands, to addressing the food apartheid, these WEA Leaders draw from their lived experiences and devoted activism to create intersectional, long-lasting and just solutions for our communities and the world.

During Climate Week, we launched a new partnership with Dr. Jane Goodall’s Trees for Jane campaign, which is shining a light on our work to protect forests in Kenya and Indonesia, because protecting our forests means protecting our future. WEA Leaders Rose Wamalwa and Farwiza Farhan joined Jane for an activist roundtable at the UN General Assembly’s Goals House, which you can watch here.

And as many people face another uncertain fire season, our most recent World WEAver Salon Series shared knowledge around Community-driven Fire Resilience & Indigenous Fire Ecology. If you missed it, we hope you’ll check out the recording.

We are grateful to be connected with each of you, as we navigate these complex times, do the listening that is so very needed, and take action together.

With care,

Amira, Kahea and Melinda
WEA Co-Directors

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