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The World Health Organization estimates that indoor and outdoor air pollution accounts for about 7 million deaths per year. Air pollution is not only a climate issue, but a public health crisis as well. As technology improves, there are multiple solutions to this issue, many of which can be implemented in households and at the community level.

Join WEA Leaders, Brady Seals from RMI in Colorado and Olanike Olugboji from WISE in Kaduna, Nigeria, as they discuss the impacts of air pollution in their communities and the innovative solutions arising from the grassroots.  

Brady (featured in Full Frontal with Samantha Bee) will share the importance of tracking air quality in buildings, the types of clean energy technologies and solutions that benefit climate and health, and action being led by communities. 

Olanike (featured in Time Magazine) will share about the power of clean cooking and how the adoption of affordable, effective, and durable clean cooking technologies are a key influencer on our planet. WEA’s work in Nigeria with women-led NGO, WISE trained women in clean cookstoves entrepreneurship and to build a replicable training model for other regions. Around 93,000 people die each year of smoke-related illness in Nigeria, and globally 3 billion people cook over open fires, producing 2-5% of annual greenhouse gas emissions. Shifting to clean cookstoves reduces emissions while also protecting women’s health.



Event Speakers

Nigeria Program Lead

Manager, RMI’s Carbon-Free Buildings Program