Just Released! Mid-Year Impact Report 2022

Report 2022

Did you know that the root of the word crisis is the Greek word κρίσις, which means to sift? Author Kathleen Norris once wrote that to be in crisis was an opportunity then to sift until only what’s most vital remains.

On the eve of World Nature Conservation Day—a day recognizing the critical role a healthy environment plays in a healthy and stable society—and as so many communities around the world face dangerous record-breaking heat waves, we feel that moment of crisis on our bodies, lands and waters.

And if we’re being real here (and we are), we’ve felt it for some time.

Yet, in these moments of crises, we’ve seen WEA Leaders step forward to sift—to shake out the excess, the injustice, the harm—until only those things that are most important to a thriving future remain: Care. Reciprocity. Stewardship. Justice. Life.

And it’s making all the difference.

We’re honored to share with you this snapshot of the first half of 2022, and the impact we’ve had together.

With your help, WEA Leaders are innovating climate solutions, building long-term resilience to compounding crises, and shining a light even in the darkest moments.

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