This Giving Tuesday: Help a woman change the world

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You can Help TWICE as many Women to Change the World

Hello friends!

You already know that women have the power to change the world.

Sometimes, they just need a little help!

Thanks again for your generous support of women and the environment through WEA.

Today is Giving Tuesday. We're writing to ask if you’ll make a special gift to help a woman change the world. PLUS: Your gift today will be MATCHED, thanks to a generous Matching Gift Offer we just received!

You can help women make an impact on Climate Change with your gift today.

Your gift of $20 will give a woman seeds and tools to plant a climate-resilient garden. And, with the match, your gift will actually help two women!

Your gift of $150 will teach 75 women about climate solutions such as tree planting, regenerative agriculture and clean energy use. With the match, that doubles to become 150 women you can help today.

Your gift of $1,500 will train and fund 10 women to grow and maintain 600 trees. With the match, that becomes 20 women and 12,000 trees planted!!

You’ll help a woman like Esther.

Esther lives in Kenya. In 2019 her women’s group participated in WEA’s Women and Climate Training Program where they learned they have the power to transform the climate crisis!

With the help of WEA, and generous friends just like you, Esther’s group launched a native tree growing campaign and trained community members on how to grow and manage trees on their land. In the past year, Esther alone has planted more than 1,200 trees in her community and trained others to do the same. Together, Esther’s group has grown more than 15,000 trees and protected 20 acres of forest!

This is just one example of how one woman has made a direct impact on climate change – thanks to the help she received from you – and from WEA. You can help so many more today.

Please make your gift to help even more women to change the climate – and the world!

Yours for women and the environment,

Kahea, Melinda and Amira
Co-Directors, Women's Earth Alliance

PS: Remember, your gift will be MATCHED today, Giving Tuesday! Help TWICE the number of women to change the world. Please give today. Thank you.

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