Ecocentric Blog Publishes an Exclusive Interview with Melinda Kramer

Melinda Kramer, Founder and Co-Director of Women's Earth Alliance

Melinda Kramer, Founder and Co-Director of Women’s Earth Alliance

“I believe in the power of everyday people to transform our world. I am committed to this work because I believe there needs to be a shift of power into the hands of grassroots communities that now, more than at any point in history, have the opportunity to learn from each other, to link up their efforts and to co-design a way forward.” —Melinda Kramer
On January 13, 2011, the Ecocentric Blog published an exclusive interview with Women’s Earth Alliance founder and co-director Melinda Kramer. During her exciting interview Melinda offered a raw look into the creation of Women’s Earth Alliance, her strategic vision for future growth and her belief in the power of every individual to create change. Click here to read more.

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