Meet the Interns: Hey, Janice!

WEA envisions a world where women are resourced and communities are thriving, and our team of incredible summer interns play a key role in making this vision come true for WEA. They’re passionate, hard-working, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to see what their energy and creativity will bring to this work and movement.

So for the next few weeks, we’ll be introducing you to our intern team, one Women Crush Wednesday at a time!

First off, meet Janice!

“Women are not only loving nurturers but strong, independent individuals who can make huge strides towards a more sustainable environment” – Janice on Women and the Environment.

Name: Janice Kim

Hometown: Arcadia, CA

Superpower: Cat whisperer

Why did you want to intern with WEA?

When I heard about WEA towards the end of my junior year at UC Berkeley, I immediately applied for it since I was hoping to get more experience in an environmental nonprofit. I really wanted to expand my knowledge on environmental and women’s issues through research which WEA provided along with a group of amazing women to work alongside with.

Tell us about a woman who inspires you.

My grandmother who single handedly raised her five rowdy children and taught them to value family over all else. She’s an independent woman who now additionally pours love and care for all her ten grandchildren and takes more walks than me around her neighborhood.

Why women and why the environment?

Women are not only loving nurturers but strong, independent individuals who can make huge strides towards a more sustainable environment. The environment is what we live in! We only have a finite amount of resources that nature can provide, so taking better care of the environment means taking better care of our future.

What does your life outside WEA look like?

It includes a lot of cooking and eating, hanging out over friends’ apartments, singing along really badly to inspirational power songs, involvement in my church, and not enough studying.

What’s your favorite thing to do in the Bay Area?

Sleeping over at my friends places to talk late into the night or watch movies, go to the pet store to pet cats and bunnies, go restaurant or café exploring in San Francisco, walking down Elm Street and going window shopping, reading books in the shade when its sunny, oh man the choices are endless.

What are you currently reading/watching/listening to?

Reading No Compromise by Keith Green, a biography of an amazing, passionate, Christian singer. Watching any childhood movies that pop up to mind whenever I’m with friends, like Harry Potter, High School Musical, and Kung Fu Panda shorts. Listening to Chance the Rapper’s new album, Coloring Book!

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