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Beth Roach

Beth Roach- profile


Richmond, Virginia

Affiliations & Roles

Co-Founder, Alliance of Native Seedkeepers

Environmental Program Manager, Nottoway Indian Tribal Council

Elizabeth (Beth) Roach lives in Richmond, Virginia and is a co-founder of Alliance of Native Seedkeepers, an organization that was formed to keep ancestral seeds alive and to rebuild culture and food security in native communities. Beth has an extensive background in grants management, conservation, financial management, and organizing. She is also a storyteller for her tribe.  Beth’s work with Alliance of Native Seedkeepers aligns with her rural and agricultural roots and enables her to contribute to the resilience that is desperately needed in her region, particularly with regard to native communities’ cultural and food security. 

Elizabeth’s current objectives with Alliance of Native Seedkeepers are to establish community gardens and education programs focused on native seed, foster seed stewards throughout the region, build a business of selling regionally-specific native seed, design and implement cooking demonstrations with native foods, and build soil and climate impact metrics.

Elizabeth Roach
Sky Woman_Beth Roach - Beth Roach

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