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Kanchan Dawn Hunter

Kanchan_010 - Kanchan Dawn Hunter


Oakland, California

Affiliations & Roles

Co-Director, Spiral Gardens Community Food Security Project

Kanchan Dawn Hunter, is the Co-Director of Spiral Gardens Community Food Security Project, a non-profit organization in Berkeley, California dedicated to making transforming and growing organic farming, promoting environmental justice, and ensuring food security. As Co-Director and as a woman of color, Kanchan  strives to serve her community’s needs to the best of her ability. Kanchan’s mission is to generate an understanding among all people with whom she interacts that it is possible to have a loving and living relationship with our Mother Earth. 

Kanchan’s current work is to develop a garden in Northwest Oakland into a robust herbal medicine garden and workshop and maker space in partnership with a top black chef. Kachan’s goal is to serve youth of color throughout the East Bay who might not normally get access to herbal medicine education. The project will also serve as a space where youth can learn to create their own businesses both individually and collectively.

Kanchan Dawn Hunter
Kanchan Dawn Hunter

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