Corrina Gould

From the Confederated Villages of Lisjan/Ohlone, Chochenyo and Karkin Ohlone Woman

U.S. Accelerator 2020 Ripple Series Facilitator

Corrina Gould


Ohlone Territory
Oakland, California, USA

Affiliations & Roles

Spokesperson for the Confederated Villages of Lisjan/Ohlone
Co-Founder, Sogorea Te Land Trust
Co-Founder, Indian People Organizing for Change

Corrina Gould is a Chochenyo and Karkin Ohlone woman, born and raised in Oakland, CA- or the ancient village of Huichin.  She has three children and two grandchildren.  She is the Co-Founder and a lead organizer for Indian People Organizing for Change, a small Native run group that works on Indigenous peoples’ issues. In April 2011, Corrina joined Johnella LaRose, Wounded Knee De Ocampo, and a committee of allies, to bring together dedicated warriors for a spiritual encampment at Sogorea Te, a 15-acre sacred site in Vallejo CA. The occupation lasted for 109 days and resulted in a cultural easement between the City of Vallejo, the Greater Vallejo Recreation District, and two federally recognized tribes. This struggle set a precedent for this type of work going forward, inspiring others that are working on sacred sites issues.

Corrina’s current focus includes creating an Ohlone land trust within the urban setting of her ancestral territory in the Bay Area. She also works full time at the American Indian Child Resource Center, where she assists in directing an after school program that provides services for Native students in Oakland. Corrina also sits on the California Indigenous Environmental Association Board, the Board of Directors for the Oakland Street Academy Foundation, and is the treasurer for the Edes Ave HOA.

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