Corrina Gould

Lisjan Ohlone

U.S. Accelerator 2020 Ripple Series Facilitator

Corrina Gould


Ohlone Territory
Oakland, California, USA

Affiliations & Roles

Chair and Spokesperson for the Confederated Villages of Lisjan
Co-Director, Sogorea Te' Land Trust
Co-Founder and Lead Organizer, Indian People Organizing for Change

Corrina Gould (Lisjan Ohlone) is the chair and spokesperson for the Confederated Villages of Lisjan—she was born and raised in Oakland, CA, the village of Huichin. A mother of three and grandmother of four, Corrina is the Co-Director for The Sogorea Te’ Land Trust, a women-led organization within the urban setting of her ancestral territory of the Bay Area that works to return Indigenous land to Indigenous people, and the Co-Founder and Lead Organizer for Indian People Organizing for Change, a small Native run organization that works on Indigenous people issues and sponsored annual Shellmound Peace Walks from 2005 to 2009. These walks brought about education and awareness of the desecration of sacred sites in the greater Bay Area.

As a tribal leader, she has continued to fight for the protection of the Shellmounds, uphold her nation's inherent right to sovereignty, and stand in solidarity with her Indigenous relatives to protect our sacred waters, mountains, and lands all over the world.

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