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Paula Placencia

Paula Placencia


Oxnard, California

Affiliations & Roles

Coordinator, Lideres Campesinas

Paula Placencia, based in Oxnard, California, is a Coordinator at Lideres Campesinas, an organization that brings together farm-based working women and supports them to build collectives and coordinate their work statewide.

At Lideres Campesinas, Paula strives to strengthen the leadership of campesinas (farmworker women) to achieve social, economic, and political changes towards the upholding of human rights. She coordinates programs at the state level focused on pesticides and environmental and community health. 

Currently, Paula is focused on eliminating farmworker exposure to pesticides through the Healthy Solutions campaign. This work focuses on community education, mobilization, and strategic advocacy planning in order to advance the campaign’s demands in government and corporations.

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