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Spending a day restoring coral reefs with Biorock Indonesia

WEA Intern Anika Lough details her visit to the Biorock Indonesia project: Today I had the incredible opportunity of visiting and experiencing the Biorock project in Bali, Indonesia. I am staying in Pemuteran where the first Biorock coral reef restoration project began in the year 2000.

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New Communal Forest program launches with 130 square meters of demonstration plots in Indonesia

2 demonstration plots totaling 130 square meters of land have been secured as sites for WEA’s regenerative forest pilot program in Indonesia, called Hutan Komunal (Communal Forest). Led by WEA Indonesia Accelerator alumni Aniek Puspawardani from Bali and Nedhy Priscila Neonbeni from East Nusa Tenggara, the forest will be grown and managed collectively by local communities.

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WEA launches program to build Rural Climate and Economic Resilience (RuCLER) in Indonesia

Twelve community-led eco-enterprises have been selected to join the first cohort of WEA Indonesia’s Rural Climate and Economic Resilience Accelerator Program (RuCLER)—launched in response to the devastating economic impacts women leaders and their communities continue to face in the wake of COVID-19.

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WEA Alumni Circle Event: Grassroots Fundraising

  Every project needs financial support and often we need to gather it from a wider community. In the past 16 years, Women Earth Alliance has also been growing with the support of the people using the grassroots community centered fundraising approach.   Sharing about WEA’s experiences on grassroots fundraising, Amira Diamond the Cofounder and…

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Just Released! Mid-Year Impact Report 2022

Did you know that the root of the word crisis is the Greek word κρίσις, which means to sift? Author Kathleen Norris once wrote that to be in crisis was an opportunity then to sift until only what’s most vital remains. On the eve of World Nature Conservation Day-a day recognizing the critical role a…

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WEA Alumni Circle Event: Movement Building

  The WEA Alumni Circle is back! This virtual event series is specially organized for all the environmental leaders who have participated in WEA programs over the years to stay engaged and connected with one another.    The second WEA Alumni Circle Event will be all about Campaign and Movement Building! We will learn how…

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2022 Summer Newsletter: Taking stock of the seeds we’ve planted

As with every turning of the season, this is often a reflective period—one where we take stock of the seeds we planted that have begun to sprout, before shifting into a season of carefully tending that growth. And there’s a lot to take stock of here at WEA!

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“Investing in women’s leadership is investing in entire communities” — Food Sovereignty Leader joins WEA to Lead North America/Pacific Program

Daniela Perez is passionate about gardens, the food they grow and stories that food will uncover, and creating powerful learning experiences for women environmental leaders. As a transborder Mexican-America who grew up in Tijuana, Mexico, her passions were shaped by her surrounding environment, the changing landscape (both political and physical), and the powerful women in…

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Resilience and Action: an antidote for ‘Climate Doomism’

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash. Fifty-six percent. That’s the staggering number of respondents in a survey of 10,000 people aged 16-25 and spanning 10 countries who feel that “humanity is doomed.” And while this perspective is distressing, there are many people wondering: is it entirely unfounded? You’ve likely heard about-and perhaps also read-the latest…

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“The land is our Mother”: Responding to extractive industry and COVID-19 in Indonesia

By Adolfina Kuum Adolfina Kuum preparing to go out on the river with community members to assess water pollution issues. Understanding women’s relationships with the earth. Adolfina Kuum, a leader in the 2020 WEA Indonesia Accelerator, is the Chairwoman of Lepemawi Timika, an organization that fights for the rights of local communities affected by mining…

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