Summer Edition of the WEAvings Newsletter: Sunflowers, Dandelions and more blooming at WEA

photo credit: Fiona McLeod
photo credit: Fiona McLeod

Dear Friends,

June was a month of transformation. As we shifted from the vibrant renewal of spring to the nurturing warmth of summer, we were reminded of the annual journey from planting seeds to tending what grows—one that mirrors the cycle of our work at Women’s Earth Alliance (WEA). This spring, we launched our exciting 20-year Anniversary Campaign and new initiatives to bring to life our collective vision of a thriving future. Now, as summer unfolds, we’re focused on ensuring that vision has what it needs to grow and flourish.

However, this summer has also brought unprecedented heat waves to communities around the world, a stark reminder of the escalating climate crisis. These extreme temperatures and the devastation they’re causing underscore the need for immediate, impactful action. That’s why we want you to know that it’s not too late to join our Rising Tides, Rising Women campaign.

Launched in May, this powerful campaign aims to reach 40 million people living on the frontlines of the climate crisis over the next three years, providing them with urgently needed solutions. To achieve this, we are setting out to train, mentor, and fund 15,000 grassroots women leaders in 15 countries to innovate climate solutions that protect ecosystems, reduce poverty, and ensure the health of our communities.

We know the window of time to protect our lands, waters, communities, and futures is closing—but it’s not too late. Every day, we witness WEA Leaders facing seemingly insurmountable challenges, yet with unwavering determination, they roll up their sleeves and take bold action.

Take bold action with us. Join our Rising Tides, Rising Women campaign today with a monthly or one-time gift of any amount. Your investment will go directly toward women-led climate solutions like restoring critical forest and marine ecosystems, sequestering tons of carbon, launching and scaling eco-enterprises, and ensuring land rights.

Your support is vital to this work, and to the world.

With gratitude,

Amira Diamond, Kahea Pacheco and Melinda Kramer
WEA Co-Directors


In WEA’s latest WEAvings Newsletter, you’ll find:

  • A recap of WEA's recent press briefing on responsible media coverage that shifts problematic narratives and appropriately recognizes women’s climate leadership.
  • An exciting annoucment about WEA's upcoming Black Girls, Green Futures program, which we have just launched in partnership with WEA Leaders Dr. Rasheeda Hawk (Seeds of Carver) and Tashanda Giles-Jones (Environmental Charter Schools). Don't miss this recent article by Seeds of Carver on Sunflowers as a Natural Solution to Detoxify Soil and Air!
  • Recent updates regarding a historic Indigenous-led gathering in North Carolina, where WEA Leaders came together with partners to organize the Yesah Tribunal on the Mountain Valley Pipeline and the Rights of Nature.
  • Statements from river guardians and advocates from WEA and International Rivers’ Women and Rivers Accelerator, who attended the Asia Women and Rivers Congress in Chaing Rai, Thailand to advance gender equity in water resource management and climate resilience.
  • And more!

Check WEAvings out here and be sure to sign up to get all our latest updates.

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