The Water Filter that’s changing the Philippines

BioSand Filter (BSF), the company responsible for making its namesake product, has started installing their water filters in communities across the Philippines. In a country with 100 million people, over half of them do not have access to sanitary water. BSF is trying to change that.

Photo: BSF Philippines

Photo: BSF Philippines

The filter is a cylindrical shaped vessel with a tightly fitting lid that prevents unwanted contaminates from entering the filter. When water collected from an outside source is poured into the filter, it first hits a draining pan that prevents disruption of the successive layers. Water then passes from the draining pan through a biofilm layer, a sand layer, a fine gravel layer and finally, the large gravel layer.

By pouring water collected from streams or other sources into the top of the unit, harmful contaminates that lead to diarrhea, joint pain, liver problems, and many other health complications are eliminated. This includes the removal of E. coli and fecal coliform bacteria through both biological and mechanical processes. The end product is safe, clean, potable water that is clear, has no smell, and tastes better.

Read more about how BSF intends to support the fight against water-borne illnesses in the Philippines here.


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