Who CAREs? Earth Day 2021 Event: Meet Dominique Thomas

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Dominique Thomas is a grassroots organizer, researcher, Afrofuturist Black feminist nerd based in Harlem, New York. In 2020 she launched The Climate League, a training program for BIPOC to learn organizing and campaigning skills, with a focus on racial justice in the climate movement. Also serving as Training Manager at the Climate Advocacy Lab, she develops and facilitates programs like her pilot program Training for Impact: a cohort program to deepen pedagogy around power-building and leadership development. It poses the question: How can we build the power necessary to scale our campaigning and organizing efforts to win on climate?

As part of WEA and Sierra Club’s Earth Day 2021 Event, Who CAREs? A Conversation on Feminist Climate Action, Dominique will share her insights about Black women's resilience and their connection to land, along with her movement-building approach to environmental justice work. “I want to share my experience as a Black woman in organizing spaces and how that connects to my experiences as a child being with the Black women in my family surrounded by nature. The relationships we had allowed us to build a collective resiliency that lives in me today.”

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