Fall Edition of the WEAvings Newsletter: 2019 US Grassroots Accelerator Launch!


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As we innovate, take risks, and reach for our dreams this fall season, we have been asking ourselves—What if we can’t fail? What if nurturing grassroots solutions that protect our precious earth is the very thing that will turn the tides?  

We are seeing the ripple effect of our Indonesia and Kenya Accelerators, and were honored to partner with the women-led 2019 Run4Salmon journey. Through your most recent partnership and support, WEA successfully launched the U.S. Grassroots Accelerator program in partnership with the Sierra Club, where over 30 of grassroots women leaders met for a 5-day intensive in Northern California at Occidental Arts and Ecology Center.

These women are on the frontlines—they are doing vital work for the earth and all families and children that inhabit it, and it’s not easy. Participants of our US Grassroots Accelerator are continuing to develop their strategic plans and are bringing their time-tested wisdom to the table in collaborative sessions focused on building coalitions, grassroots fundraising, solar power, indigenous land protection, campaign strategy, and so much more.

 When we come together, when we believe in one another, when we share, when we heal, when we strategize, and when we connect our lives, our movements, our families, and our values…new energy rushes in, dreams are born, and visions come to life. So many of you have provided council to WEA, financially supported this effort, and joined the 40+ partner organizations that shared our call for the 2019 US Grassroots Accelerator. 

Thank you for being a part of our vision to stand alongside those women. 

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