For the mothers who care for us all


Today is a very special Mother’s Day. Many of us are able to safely spend the day with our mothers after more than a year of separation; many of us will continue to honor our mother’s from afar. In the last year, the WEA Team welcomed two beautiful babies to our family (shout-out to mom’s Arielle Moinester and Kahea Pacheco!). The global pandemic and the arrival of little Benji and Kai has deepened our commitment to this vision: supporting the women around the world who are tirelessly ensuring this next generation inherits a safe and healthy home.

This Mother's Day, support these mothers—and the Earth—with a gift in honor of a mom in your life.


We know that mothers come in many forms. WEA honors the work of mothers and community caregivers around the world—women who are mothering children and mothering movements; birthing babies and birthing transformation in their communities. These unstoppable leaders demand clean water and healthy food, are determined to protect ancestral homelands, and are designing solutions to counter the destruction we all face. At the epicenter of each environmental disaster, women stand arm-in-arm with one another—all in service to the first mother, our shared planet Earth.

And yet, the mothers, grandmothers, aunties and sisters who step forward time and time again to prevent environmental destruction and protect our communities face an uphill battle. Their bodies and health are threatened, their work is under-resourced, and their leadership is stymied.

But the mothers in our Global Alliance aren’t alone. Because of dedicated supporters like you, women leaders are providing safe water, healthy food, clean energy, or protected lands to their families and communities around the world. Join us, and help to ensure that the women leaders who are doing the critical work of nurturing our families, laboring to better our societies, and stewarding the Earth and its precious resources have what they need to thrive.


Searching for a gift that will sow solutions for seasons to come?

Gift mom a membership to our monthly giving community, The Seed Bank. For just $10 a month, a WEA Leader could provide 50+ people with lifegiving resources each year.

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