You are helping women create healthy, safe,
thriving communities.

The women we work with are protecting our water, forests, and air, saving the seeds when the droughts hit, and keeping women and children safe when natural disasters or war strikes. These women are truly the superheroes of our time, and they need our support.

Your gift to WEA

supports women and protects the environment for generations to come.

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You are Joining a Community of Change Makers

curt hill

“When Kirsten and I first attended a Women’s Earth Alliance event 3 years ago, I was struck with this realization: What we do to women, we do to the earth, and what we do to the earth, we do to women.

Given that WEA exists to empower women on the ground to effect real change and positively impact the environmental issues we face virtually everywhere, we were immediately compelled to support this beautiful organization and introduce others to WEA.”

— Curt Hill, WEA Giving Circle Member

"Taylor and I were introduced to WEA several years ago, and have been a mother/daughter team in our dedication to its mission ever since. What first spoke to us was that what WEA was creating was so simple and so effective. Over the years, we have seen how our financial support of WEA is directly translated into action and measurable achievement. We are also enriched in return by our warm and deep connections to the people in WEA's community. We continually receive the honest confidence that grassroots work like this can change lives and our Earth for the better. We're supporting WEA for the long haul!"

— Marcy Taylor Pattinson, WEA Leadership Board and Giving Circle Member


“WEA is a group of diverse, caring, passionate women who want to make our earth a place we can all value and nurture. Their energy and enthusiasm, as well as their real expertise in the field, is palpable. This is a worthy investment and will bear much fruit in the years to come.”

— Kavita Ramdas, WEA Leadership Board Member

“I've watched WEA blossom into a powerful force, connecting women around the world who are in the middle of a revolution that few of them know exists. WEA's leadership team has transformed communities and lives by connecting visionary women environmental advocates, organizers, and entrepreneurs from around the world who were working on the frontlines of environmental, social, and economic sustainability in their communities. It is, simply put, one of the most important and hopeful organizations I know.”

— Joel Makower,

Joel Makower


2150 Allston Way, Ste. 460
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