New Communal Forest program launches with 130 square meters of demonstration plots in Indonesia

hutan komunal aniek
Communal Forest 1

Congratulations to WEA Leaders and Indonesia Accelerator alumni Aniek Puspawardani from Bali and Nedhy Priscila Neonbeni from East Nusa Tenggara have been chosen to pilot WEA’s new regenerative forest program, Hutan Komunal (Communal Forest).

Demonstration plots totaling 130 square meters of land have already been secured as sites for two communal forest projects, one in each Leaders' region. Under Aniek's and Nedhy's leadership, the forests will be grown and managed collectively by local communities, and will serve the dual purpose of protecting existing land for destruction, and securing communities’ access to sustainably managed forest resources.

This program is designed to ultimately build the long-term resilience of the villages.

hutan komunal 1
Communal Forest 2

Both Aniek's and Nedhy's communal forest projects have received enthusiastic support from local community members and government stakeholders. In Bali, Aniek has established a 1,500 meter square plot of forest in Kelecung Village, while Nedhy has turned 1 hectare of land into productive forest that can provide sustainable economic and environmental benefits to the community.

Finally, to ensure the communities have the necessary skills in designing and developing future sustainable forests, WEA Indonesia organized a Forest Making Training program that upskilled community members on two forest-making methods: the Miyawaki method, and agroforestry. 26 participants attended this 4-day training, going on to build two demonstration plots to gain practical knowledge of forest making. Participants included both female and male farmers from both Aniek's Bali and Nedhy's East Nusa Tenggara demonstration sites.

Amira and hutan komunal trianing
hutan komunal miyawaki
hutan komunal agroforest
hutan komunal-5570 training


  • 26 participants from Bali and East Nusa Tenggara learned forest-making through a 4-day training
  • 130 square meters of demonstration plots have been built (50 sqm of Miyawaki Native Forest and 80 sqm of agroforest)
  • 200 trees planted within the two plots


  1. Tovya Wager on November 1, 2022 at 8:25 pm

    Fabulous work to empower local women and help our planet! Keep it up!

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